Market Entry Strategy


A product launch and a sales and marketing strategy is when you commit to your vision and test the market for a reaction. It is an exciting and also daunting phase. With our deep experience and knowledge, we can guide you towards success and help you avoid common mistakes.

We’re ready to work closely with you, checking and refining your early ideas to boost your chances of success. We can also lead Go to Market services for you. But first, we’ll ask you some important questions:

  • What is your big idea that you want to bring about?
  • Is it truly valuable not just interesting?
  • Is it a top need for potential customers?
  • Can you define precisely who your audience is that will benefit from what you offer?

What we offer?

We provide a full range of services to help you understand the market and make sure your product stands out and succeeds.

  1. Market assessment — who else is out there.
  2. Help answering the big questions on the potential impact you could have.
  3. Understanding target customers: what they want and aim for.
  4. Market segmentation and potential value assessment.
  5. A marketing and sales plan.
  6. Outreach through selected channels to build early advocates of your approach.
  7. Setting and monitoring the KPIs to see how things are going.

Why us?

  • Our core team has created or launched 20+ startups from scratch.
  • We’ve helped some of these with Go to Market plans that brought in big clients.
  • Our experience and involvement has led to our clients scaling their businesses to achieve market recognition, additional funding for growth, and in some cases, exits.

Key facts

  • Launched 20+ startups
  • 15+ years of experience per member
  • Assisted starupts in Go to Market strategies for client acquisitions
  • Our clients achieved market recognition and additional funding
  • Expertise in business operations across FinTech, AI/ML, and more
  • About Denovo

    At Denovo, we're a tight-knit small team of seasoned professionals, blending over 10+ years of collective experience in software development with wide expertise in business operations across FinTech, AI/ML, and other.


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Nigel Hopkinson

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