MVP Workshop


When building a startup or a product, it is essential to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the features you really need for the first version?
  2. How to approach them productively?
  3. What is the realistic time to market?
  4. What team and resources do you need?
  5. Where can you save some money and where it is a bad idea?

While many outsourcing vendors can give you answers to these questions, they are focused in software development process and their services. However, there is a difference between coding and building a product. For the latter, one might need an independent and professional opinion.

What we offer?

We offer a series a workshops that help to structure an idea into a realistic and effective plan. The meetings have different focus:

  • Outline an idea, identify target audience and value proposition.
  • Find competitors, perform SWOT-analysis, and identify core differentiators.
  • Develop and challenge the business model.
  • Create and evaluate the list of features, their complexity and severity, design user flows.
  • Discuss the technological stack and architecture.

Why us?

Our core team has created +100 products. We share multiple positions, from software developers to founders and CEOs. Hence, each step is covered by somebody with the expertise exactly in this area. We will provide an independent opinion. It is your choice to use our development resources or take other options.

What do you get?

  • Timeline and Roadmap with the list of features
  • User flows with basic mockups
  • Canvas with core components of a product
  • Recommended structure of your team
  • Recommended tech stack
  • Budget

Key facts

  • Launched 100+ products
  • 15+ years of experience per member
  • All types of experience, from a software developer to CEOs and founders
  • Focused in FinTech, Roboadvisory, Wealth Management, EdTech, Wellness, GreenTech, and AI & ML.
  • About Denovo

    At Denovo, we're a tight-knit small team of seasoned professionals, blending over 10+ years of collective experience in software development with wide expertise in business operations across FinTech, AI/ML, and other.


Egor Tomilin
back-end fintech problem solving
Egor Tomilin

Developer. CTO. Adrenaline Enthusiast.

Evgeny Smirnov
problem solving AI/ML, science counselling
Evgeny Smirnov

Entrepreneur. Scientist. Developer.

Alexey Syrkovsky
management project delivery product ownership
Alexey Syrkovsky

Project Manager. Product Owner. Startup aficionado.

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