AI Essay Tutor

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AI Essay Tutor enables the prompting, feedback, and grading of student responses to issue-spotting essay exam questions, utilising a flexible, rules-based system articulated in natural language.


  • AI tutor provides real-time evaluations, personalized feedback, and grading for student essays.
  • Offers detailed explanations by comparing student responses to model answers.
  • Allows educators to create custom grading criteria in plain language, facilitating easy setup of tailored assessments without needing technical skills.

How do we work?

  • We arranges a detailed meeting to comprehensively understand the specific needs of your university or program. Then we help you to collect examples from your essays, to ensure AI Essay Tutor is tailored to your educational objectives.
  • Utilising the collected data, we help you develop a set of rules for grading and giving feedback on the student’s answer to the essay question. This step includes a fine-tuning process, so that the rules are keyed to the best student answers.
  • Ensures the privacy of your data, so it is not shared with other clients. We support SSO or any other authentication method that your university / program employs.

Why us?

We have already launched more than 100 projects. We have experience building almost anything, from a personal blog (yes, we also enjoy small projects) to a multi-billion dollar finance platform, across web, mobile, or desktop platforms. Our passion is creating cutting-edge products, and we understand the importance of time-to-market. Our team will be a part of the dream team. Hence, your problems — our problems.

Key facts

  • Launched 100+ products
  • 15+ years of experience per member
  • C-level experience
  • Wide areas of expertise
  • Efficacy x 10
  • About Denovo

    At Denovo, we're a tight-knit small team of seasoned professionals, blending over 10+ years of collective experience in software development with wide expertise in business operations across FinTech, AI/ML, and other.


Evgeny Smirnov
problem solving AI/ML, science counselling
Evgeny Smirnov

Entrepreneur. Scientist. Developer.

Alexey Syrkovsky
management project delivery product ownership
Alexey Syrkovsky

Project Manager. Product Owner. Startup aficionado.