Aleksandr Beshkenadze

Startups. Development. Building teams.

Aleksandr Beshkenadze

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Specialize in startups, mobile apps, web services, software architecture, and building teams. I love tech, gadgets, driving, read a lot, play PC & VR games.

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Helsinki, Finland

About me

My name is Alexander Beshkenadze, I’m 38 years old, have been happily married for over 16 years, and I have a cat. I read a lot of books by young authors from independent publishers. I also support interesting technological projects on crowdfunding platforms. Furthermore, I love cars and enjoy learning how things work.


I was born in Leningrad, finished school in 2002, started college (electronic commerce) in 2003, admitted to Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace and Instrumentation (electronic commerce) in 2007 and obtained a degree in economics in 2011. I started working during my early years at college.

I love gadgets, my first VR helmet was bought in 2014 and it was a dev kit oculus.


My long story short:

  • 2004 - I wrote my first application: WAP Portal — a website for mobile phones, and started working as a part-time intern.
  • 2006 - I got a full-time job as a PHP developer.
  • 2008 - I started writing my first mobile application.
  • 2011 - I got a team leader position in Android application development.
  • 2013 - I started to spend more time managing the mobile development team (iOS / Android).
  • 2015 - I moved to frontend.
  • 2017 - I decided to develop my own startup, Caesar.
  • 2018 - I was responsible for managing a development team during a crisis situation.
  • 2019 - I started studying DevOPS.

Projects that have influenced my professional path

  1. I was hired to develop a mobile app for iOS & Android that allowed me to filter spam calls, SMS and see my phone rating. This was my first step in comprehensive service development and team management. I had to carefully study the internal SDK API to implement call interception.


  2. We were asked to help with the development of a mobile assistant and key app for the electric freight platform fleet. The app was able to retrieve digital keys for an employee assigned vehicle, unlock it and allow it to pass PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection), also the app could control (over a secure protocol) some vehicle equipment, search for packages inside the body and other small actions. This project combined a lot of my favourite technology and startup spirit, after that I got the idea of my own data security project.


  3. My first startup: I wanted to create a service that would allow me to securely store and share data (passwords, documents, etc.) and have shared records. This was a challenge for me in the service design, as the challenge was to protect the user data as much as possible by encrypting the data on the client side and not allowing access to the open data on the server. One of the biggest challenges was to allow for shared management of the data and keep it secure. On this project, I also learned how to accept failures and make unpleasant decisions.



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